I've been working on process for a year now and just realised I have reached my first destination.

When you feel like you suddenly know nothing then you have really learned everything you need right now. In the last year I have repaired and reconditioned film cameras, learnt how to process film and refined the process, mastered the scanning process and got decent printed results. 

The event that brought me to this milestone was creating a photo book. The sense of closure is overwhelming when you see your own project come to finalisation. Without the creation of something physical there is no end to the project. Of course, I'm not happy with the result. The temptation to go back and tweak, retouch, reorder, reshoot, retitle and generally change the product is immense, but closing the project is more important than achieving perfection. In fact for me perfection is not desirable, I want the result to feel a little raw and still open.

So, I'm ready for the next project. I will share some of the useful techniques that I have learned along the way to make others' learning process a little shorter than mine.